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Adiala Jail, the renowned prison facility where former Prime Minister Imran Khan and his close associates are incarcerated, narrowly escaped a terrorist attack on Thursday night.

Law enforcement authorities successfully thwarted the terror plot at the Central Jail Rawalpindi, situated in the garrison city of Rawalpindi. The Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) and the police apprehended three militants involved in the scheme.

The detained attackers, reportedly hailing from Afghanistan, were found in possession of the latest weapons and a substantial cache of ammunition. They had targeted the pivotal jail for their assault.

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Rawalpindi police disclosed that they seized automatic heavy weapons, ammunition, hand grenades, explosives, and maps during the operation.

In the aftermath of the arrests, police teams conducted extensive search operations in the vicinity of the jail.

Adiala Jail is currently grappling with overcrowding, accommodating prisoners at twice its capacity. Among its detainees are former Prime Minister and PTI founder Imran Khan, former Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood, and former CM Punjab Elahi.

The perpetrators have been relocated to undisclosed locations for further interrogation and legal proceedings.

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