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Chairman of the Shariah Board Pakistan, Sheikh Al-Hadith Professor Dr. Mufti Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Jalali, announced on Thursday the minimum Sadaqah Fitrana and Fidya for fasting this year.

According to Mufti Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Jalali, the minimum Sadaqah Fitrana and Fidya for fasting this year have been set at Rs 300 per person. Additionally, the Fidya for those unable to fast due to health reasons has been fixed at Rs 300 per person.

Dr. Jalali emphasized the importance of philanthropists and wealthy individuals contributing to Fitrana and Fidya according to their financial capabilities.

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The set values for different food items are Rs 600 for oats, Rs 2,400 for dates, and Rs 4,400 for raisins. Furthermore, he outlined the Fidya rates for fasting the entire month of Ramadan, ranging from Rs 9,000 for wheat flour to Rs 132,000 for raisins.

He clarified that Fidya for fasting is specifically for individuals who are chronically ill or unable to fast with no hope of recovery.

He also urged travelers and individuals who are temporarily unable to fast to compensate for missed fasts as Fidya cannot serve as a replacement for fasting. The Ministry of Poverty Alleviation and Social Security has set the minimum Zakat amount at Rs 135,179. According to the ministry, Zakat will be imposed on savings accounts/profit and loss sharing (PLS) accounts with a balance of Rs 135,179 or higher.

As a result, customers meeting the criteria would be required to pay 2.5% Zakat on their total account balance.

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