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Chicken prices in Punjab have recently seen a significant reduction, with a drop of Rs. 78 per kilogram effective May 7, 2024.

The current market rate for chicken stands at Rs. 470 per kilogram, a noticeable decrease from the previous price of Rs. 548.

Additionally, the price of live chicken farm broilers has been revised to Rs. 300 per kilogram, down from Rs. 350 last week. The cost of eggs remains unchanged at Rs. 254 per dozen, with a full crate of approximately 350 eggs priced at Rs. 7,500.

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While these reduced prices may provide relief to consumers, concerns linger about whether retailers will align with the new government rates.

Local vendors often charge prices higher than the official rates, leaving consumers with limited options but to pay the inflated costs. This adjustment in poultry prices is expected to alleviate financial pressures for households and offer more affordable choices. However, the effectiveness of these changes will depend on the cooperation of retailers in implementing the revised rates.

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