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Google is committed to ensuring that everybody can benefit from AI, and we believe that skilling is the first step. Google has launched Google AI Essentials, a new course to help more people unlock AI skills for the future, provides up to 45,000 scholarships for Google Career Certificates in 2024, and adds two new programs to upskill freelancers and women

 A new educational course for AI beginners

Google AI Essentials is our new self-paced, online course taught by AI experts at Google. This course requires no previous experience with AI, and is designed to help teach people across roles and industries get essential AI skills to boost productivity, and gain hands-on experience via a variety of AI tools.

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With this course, people will learn how to use AI tools to brainstorm ideas and speed up daily work tasks. You’ll also learn how to write effective prompts and use AI responsibly by identifying AI’s potential biases. Google AI Essentials is available on Coursera in English.

In addition to Google AI Essentials, the Google Career Certificates (GCC) prepare learners for entry-level jobs in fast-growing fields, whether it’s Data Analytics, Cybersecurity or Digital Marketing. We’ve added new resources to our certificates to help learners discover how professionals in their fields are using AI, while gaining hands-on experience applying AI to a workplace scenario.

For Google Career Certificates, Google will provide up to 45,000 scholarships in 2024

From the first launch in 2022, 80% of GCC graduates in Pakistan reported the program had helped them advance in their careers. In addition, according to partner-led surveys (IRM/TechValley, 2023), 28% of women who graduated from the program reported experiencing financial growth, 24% stated they obtained a new job or got promoted, and 91% feel more confident after completing the program.

PAFLA Freelancer and Career Kamyabi programs

 Pakistan is home to the third-largest freelancing economy in the world and it is critical to ensure that the country’s freelance talent remains competitive, especially in today’s rapidly evolving digital environment. This year, Google, in partnership with the Pakistan Freelancers Association (PAFLA), has developed a program that will help the freelance community in Pakistan address challenges around soft skills areas such as personal branding, and communication skills. Up to 50,000 PAFLA freelancers could benefit from the program taught by Google experts.

To inspire and empower women to join and thrive in the workforce, Google, along with its long-term partner Tech Valley, has joined forces to design a Career Kamyabi program which advocates for gender balance in the workforce and aims to create an inclusive and supportive work environment for women by offering equal employment and professional development opportunities. The program, which already has the support of 50+ of Pakistan’s leading employers, helps create economic opportunities for women by connecting them with potential employers.

 Farhan Qureshi, Google’s Country Director for Pakistan, stated, “With the Google Career Certificates initiative, we are hoping to continue to play an effective role in the digital landscape of Pakistan. Our scholarships and training programs are designed to not only help the young Pakistanis explore the realms of the tech world but to also financially empower them. We are grateful to all our local partners who have joined hands with us and have worked diligently to ensure that the Pakistani youth have more opportunities to reach their full potential.”

 Google is committed to building a Future Forward Pakistan with initiatives like the GCC and will continue to invest in providing young talent with the digital skills needed to grow and succeed. The third phase of Google Career Certificates program aims to establish a strong presence in Pakistan and strengthen the culture of learning, empowerment, and inclusivity amongst all.

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