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IMF Turns Down Imran Khan’s Call for Audit of Pakistan’s 2024 Elections

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) declined a request from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) founder for an election audit before commencing talks for a new bailout package for the South Asian nation.

Confirming receipt of a letter from a PTI official acting on behalf of Khan, who is currently detained in Adiala Jail, an IMF spokesperson stated, “The IMF, as an international institution with a specific focus on economic matters, refrains from commenting on domestic political affairs. Nonetheless, recognizing the significance of the institutional framework for economic stability and growth, we advocate for the fair and peaceful resolution of all electoral disputes.”

The spokesperson emphasized that the primary objective of the IMF’s engagement with Pakistan was to assist the government in implementing policies to address economic challenges and achieve financial stability. This involves strengthening public finances, broadening the tax base through high-quality revenue measures, enhancing energy sector viability, improving institutional governance and anti-corruption measures, reforming state-owned enterprises, fostering climate resilience, and establishing a conducive environment for private businesses to stimulate investment and employment opportunities.

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The response from the spokesperson followed remarks made by the IMF’s Communications Department Director, Julie Kozack, during a press briefing in Washington, DC. Kozack revealed, “The IMF stands prepared to conduct a mission for the second review of the Stand-by program shortly after the formation of a new cabinet. Our current focus is on completing the ongoing Stand-by program, slated to conclude in April 2024.”

Kozack expressed anticipation in collaborating with the new government on policies aimed at ensuring macroeconomic stability.

On February 28, the PTI founder sent a letter to the IMF, urging the organization to prioritize the political stability of Pakistan during discussions for the new bailout package.

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