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Huawei launched Huawei P8 at Royal Palm Golf & Country Club Lahore

Huawei recently held an extravagant launch ceremony of its latest P8 mobile phone. The event was honored by several notable celebrities and fashion icons who were eagerly anticipating the demonstration of the new innovative phone. The event was hosted by famous musician and comedian Ahmed Ali Butt, who kept the audience entertained and responsive. He later invited the Country C.E.O Aragon Ming and Director Marketing Faraz on stage. They gave the audience an introduction about Huawei as a progressive organization and briefed the audience about the P8 phone. Later, Abdullah Ejaz was called on stage who demonstrated the key P8 features i.e. Light painting, Director’s mode, Low-Light Photography. The wonderful star-studded evening finally came to an end with a breath-taking performance by Ali Zafar.


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