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Intel Corporation Accelerates Path to 5G new industry partnerships


  • Collaborations with industry leaders Ericsson*, KT*, LG Electronics*, Nokia*, SK Telecom* and Verizon* help lay the foundation for 5G.
  • The 5g mobile trial platform enables faster prototyping.
  • New modems and system-on-chips (SoCs) provide robust connectivity for Internet of Things, mobile devices, and PCs.

Intel Corporation today announced new industry partnerships and products that lay the groundwork for faster, smarter and more efficient 5G wireless networks designed to deliver amazing new experiences throughout daily life.

From embedded devices in athletes’ equipment and drones with collision avoidance capabilities to autonomous vehicles, smart cities and more, connecting “things” to each other, to people and the cloud is placing unprecedented demands on today’s wireless networks.

“Billions of increasingly smart and connected devices, data-rich personalized services, and cloud applications are driving the need for smarter and more powerful networks,” said Aicha Evans, corporate vice president and general manager of the Intel Communication and Devices Group. “The transition to 5G brings communications and computing together and is a fundamental shift for the industry. It is essential to lay the foundation for future 5G networks now to make amazing experiences of the future possible.”

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