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The Punjab Information Technology Board PITB started a project by the name of “HERSELF” to create consciousness about the use of information technology to the women of Pakistan. It aims to inspire women to learn and earn using the knowledge and know-how of information technology. The project will deliver some IT based exercise to the female sector of Pakistan to help them use freelancing as a tool for their self-sustainment and paid independent lives.

The launching ceremony of “Herself” was detained in the Arfa Technology Park, Lahore. The Chairman PITB, Dr. Umar Saif graced the favorable ceremony along with other distinguished personalities like Ms. Musarat Misbah from Depilex Smileagain Foundation, Ms. Seema Aziz of Care Foundation, Ms. Nadia Jamil of Empty Space, Ms. Sara Gillani of Tech Hub Connect.

The project “Herself” aims to deliver the knowledge about necessary tools and techniques of freelancing to the females to make them more creative and imaginative. They can receive enough through learning about the use of information technology and freelancing. Women make up for almost half of the populace and their contribution in the workforce can make a important difference to our economic growth.

While speaking the audience, Dr. Umar Saif stated his views that the project “Herself” is a stage for providing leadership skills to the women and making them a productive part of the economy. All across the world in developed economies, females effort side by side with men in every field of life.

Unluckily, in Pakistan, there is low female contribution in the workforce and there is almost no gender discrimination in workplace in our country. Ms. Sara Gillani raised out the fact that there are over 100 startup ideas propelled at the Plan9-PITB’s Tech Incubator, out of which only 14% are started by women entrepreneurs. Further, she stated that only ten female freelancers are working at Tech Hub Attach out of a total of 500 freelancers.

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