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If you are one of those people who just bought a recently launched high end smartphone,then you would know the struggle it takes to find a USB type­C cable,if unfortunately you forgot yours at home or somewhere.There is only one solution to this issue and it is a USB Type­C to Micro­USB adaptor.This adaptor can be easily attached to your smartphone via a micro­USB cable.These adaptors are quite handy and economical.You can get one for as low as 1000 PKR. A few things need to be kept in mind before buying one though. ● Micro­USB is not reversible only USB Type­C are,so you need to be careful while plugging the cable the cable into the adapter to ensure you don’t break it. ● Most adapters are USB 2.0 – this means that despite the fact that your usb type c smartphone is capable of supporting USB 3.1 speeds, it will be limited to only 480 Mbits/s with the adapter USB Type ­C are most faster and efficient than the previous generations with a theoretical bandwidth of up to 10 Gbps.Nowadays, most smartphones come with a usb type c port instead of the traditional Micro­ USB port for quicker transfer and charging speeds. However, this transition has affected users greatly. The reason behind this is that you require a different Type­C cable for charging your smartphone (or connecting it to your computer system).So it will be wise to go get yourself one of these to avoid the hustle next time you forget your usb type­ c cable!

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