Lenovo soon going to launch a bezel-less phone to compete iPhone X. People nowadays love the smartphone with bezel-less and tall display bandwagon. The tradition was started out by iPhone X and now it appears Lenovo will soon going to launch a device that will put iPhone X to shame.

 Chang Cheng, Vice President of Chinese Tech Company Lenovo has teased a “full-screen smartphone” on Weibo( Chinese microblogging website). And his post suggested that soon the company will be launching a bezel-less smartphone that might feature a screen to body ratio of up to 95%.

The teaser image shown in the picture suggests the possibility that this device doesn’t have the notch. Which is good though because the notch is the most criticized innovation of 2018.

According to a recent survey most people denied to purchase a device which has a notch. On the other side, smartphone manufacturers adopted this style and almost every flagship smartphone features a notch now.

Apart from teaser with photo of upcoming device, Chang Cheng also posted a poll asking consumers what they think a full-screen smartphone really is, giving three option to consumers


  • 80-84% screen ratio
  • 85-89% screen ratio
  • 90-94% screen ratio

Although in recent times, we’ve witnessed that smartphone manufacturers such as Huawei, Nokia, Xiaomi, LG, OnePlus and others shift to this trend as well however this tease by Lenovo gives impression that in order to compete and differentiate from current market the company wants to go in a different way.

In addition, Cheng revealed that this handset is will feature a screen to body ratio of 95% which can differentiate the device from others smartphones in the market.

Well, if this declaration by Lenovo is true then the upcoming Lenovo smartphone will bring a truly full-screen experience the likes of which no other device on the market can truly match.

On the other side, not much has been exposed about the smartphone so far which means we will have to wait a bit long to get further information about this device. However, according to resources Lenovo is going to unveil this beautiful smartphone on June 14th.


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