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The Ministry of IT and Telecommunications has taken proactive steps to enhance cybersecurity nationwide by encouraging all four provincial governments to establish Provincial Computer Emergency Response Teams (PCERTs).

This initiative coincides with the announcement of the establishment of the National CERT, demonstrating the government’s dedication to strengthening cybersecurity infrastructure across the country.

provincial governments have been directed to designate a specific department responsible for forming PCERTs. It is emphasized that before proceeding with the establishment, provincial authorities will inform the federal government about the designated department, seeking approval to begin operations.

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Upon approval, the designated departments of each provincial government will diligently work towards establishing PCERTs, adhering to CERT regulations. These provincial CERTs will operate as sectoral CERTs, maintaining close coordination with the National CERT through the Government CERT.

The mandate of provincial CERTs includes safeguarding the digital assets of provincial public sector entities, including autonomous and semi-autonomous organizations under provincial jurisdiction. They will play a crucial role in threat detection, advanced threat analysis, issuing alerts and warnings, managing vulnerabilities, and promptly responding to and recovering from incidents.

Provincial CERTs will conduct comprehensive investigations, analysis, forensics, and malware detection, taking proactive measures to effectively mitigate cybersecurity risks.

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