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Samsung has commenced the rollout of the April 2024 security update for its Galaxy S24 series, introducing the April 1, 2024, security patch alongside enhancements to the camera system.

This latest update significantly improves the performance of the Galaxy S24 series cameras, particularly enhancing image quality in low-light conditions, refining the precision of white balance and exposure settings. Additionally, it enhances the clarity of text in images captured at high zoom levels and enhances color accuracy in photos taken using the ExpertRAW camera application.

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Furthermore, Samsung has fulfilled its commitment made in February by enhancing the Instant Slow-Mo feature, now enabling support for 480p resolution video in the April 2024 update. This update is currently being distributed to Galaxy S24 series users in South Korea, India, and Europe, with file sizes ranging from approximately 600 MB to 900 MB. If you have not received this update yet, you can manually check for it by navigating to Settings > Software update on your device.

S Pen Issue An issue that cannot be resolved through a software update has arisen concerning the Galaxy S Pen with the new S24 Ultra. Users on platforms like Reddit and various community forums have reported an unpleasant burnt plastic odor emanating from their S Pens. This concern has been corroborated by several users on forums and reputable publications such as 9to5Google and Gizmochina.

These sources confirm that the issue also affects older generations of S series phones such as the S23 and S22 Ultra, while the Note 20 Ultra remains unaffected. A Samsung spokesperson has addressed the issue online, explaining that the problem stems from the S Pen’s proximity to internal hardware components of the phone when stored in its slot. As these components heat up, they emit a burnt plastic smell onto the S Pen.

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