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K-Electric Limited (PSX: KEL) disclosed to the main stock exchange on Monday that Infrastructure & Growth Capital LP no longer holds an indirect stake in the company. This change follows the Fund’s decision to distribute all its shares in K-Power Holding Limited (formerly IGCF SPV 26) to its Limited Partners as a distribution in kind.

According to the filing, this distribution has altered the shareholding and ownership structure of K-Electric. Post-distribution, Infrastructure & Growth Capital LP (the “Fund”) has completely divested its indirect interest in K-Electric. However, the Ultimate Beneficial Ownership of IGCF SPV 21 Limited, an indirect shareholder of K-Electric, remains unaffected by this distribution.

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The filing further stated that SVGL now holds a 46.11% stake in K-Power Holding Limited, which indirectly possesses a 25.2% interest in K-Electric. Despite these changes, the majority shareholding and control of K-Electric, which stands at 66.4%, through KESP remains unchanged.

Infrastructure & Growth Capital LP is a private investment fund registered in the Cayman Islands, managed by IGCF GP, with a diverse portfolio of assets and institutional investors.

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