PAXI emerging as one of the best Ride-Sharing services


The new success in Pakistan’s ride-sharing industry is this All-Women taxi service called Paxi. The drivers in this service will be a woman and the riders also can only be women. After the international ride-sharing services such as Careem and Uber got success, more and more local and international companies are showing interest in investing in this industry in Pakistan.

Paxi works in a similar way but different at the same time. Other services are relying on the presence of internet but Paxi goes beyond the use of the internet. It has introduced its services through SMS and Calls too. One of the reasons that the owner gave was that majority of the women in the country are not facilitated to the internet or they don’t know how to operate a ride-sharing app on the smartphones. The process can be complicated for entering the pick-up location and the destination. That is why it was decided that this service will be provided through SMS and call too. This new service will be kicked off from the largest city of Pakistan, Karachi on March 23, 2017.

The process will be simple. When the customer will call on the number given by the company, the operator will create an account of the customer. They will issue a 4-digit code which the customer will have to show to the driver when the taxi will arrive. The ride can also be pre-booked by the same procedure.

The taxis can also be used on the road by just signalling them. The taxis will be covered in the name of the service so that they are recognisable by the people. The drivers that will be called as Pilots will also wear a uniform. The bike service is already available.

Pink Taxi

Paxi will launch a Pink taxi in order to provide a comfortable environment to the passengers. The CEO said that ”If our women can fly planes, why not Paxi?” the company will launch the pink taxis on 8th of March.


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