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PIA’s Renewed Confidence Sparks Hope for Resuming Flights to Europe After Recent Progress

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is anticipated to soon lift restrictions on Pakistani aircraft, including those operated by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), for flights on European routes. According to sources familiar with the matter, a meeting of EASA’s safety board is slated for May 2024, where the future of PIA will be a focal point of discussion. Reports indicate that PIA has already submitted pertinent documents to EASA regarding this issue, with the final report expected to be presented during the May meeting. Additionally, audit reports from both PIA and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will feature on the agenda for the upcoming EASA safety board meeting.

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A spokesperson for the CAA has expressed optimism, noting significant progress in ongoing discussions. It’s worth recalling that in June 2020, EASA suspended PIA’s flight operations to Europe due to safety concerns.

In a letter addressed to the national flag carrier, EASA stated the revocation of the Third Country Operator (TCO) Authorization for PIA after the airline failed to comply with proposed corrective action plans. During meetings in June and September 2019, six findings were raised with PIA officials. While PIA successfully implemented five of the action plans, one element pertaining to the Safety Management System remained unaddressed.

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