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Xiaomi’s Poco F series has gained immense popularity, rivaling even the Redmi Note family, thanks to its flagship specifications offered at budget-friendly prices. Last year’s Poco F5 lineup was a hit, and now, attention is turning towards the upcoming Poco F6 series, with certifications revealing some key specifications.

In addition to the anticipated Poco F6 Pro, there’s talk of a non-Pro variant, the Poco F6, which is expected to maintain the high standards set by its predecessors. Rumors suggest that both models may feature the Qualcomm SM8635 chipset, rumored to be branded as Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 or 8s Gen 2, which is set to be officially unveiled on March 18.

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The Poco F6 Pro is speculated to be a rebranded version of the Redmi K70, powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, adding to the excitement for fans. Meanwhile, leaks hint that the non-Pro Poco F6 might offer better value, possibly being a rebranded Redmi Note 13 Turbo, sharing similar model numbers.

Reports also mention that the Poco F6 is internally referred to as “Peridot,” named after a yellow ruby, aligning with the tradition of codenaming Redmi Note series devices after gemstones. This further fuels speculation about potential rebranding strategies.

With Qualcomm’s official announcement of the SM8635 chipset imminent, it’s expected that several Chinese smartphone manufacturers, including Redmi, will swiftly unveil new devices featuring it. This could pave the way for Poco to introduce its models to a global audience, promising exciting developments in the coming weeks.

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