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The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa administration has announced plans to provide complimentary Wi-Fi access in public parks across Peshawar.

Chief Minister Ali Amin Gandapur led a session focused on improving the aesthetic appeal of the provincial capital. During the meeting, the CM directed relevant authorities to accelerate the finalization of arrangements for the complimentary Wi-Fi service and to formally present the proposal for approval by the provincial administration.

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Excitingly, the initiative to offer free Wi-Fi will soon extend to other cities in the region, as per the CM’s announcement. Additionally, the Chief Minister instructed the Peshawar Development Authority to develop a comprehensive plan for beautifying the city. Alongside the Wi-Fi and beautification efforts, the KP government has decided to introduce a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service on Nasir Bagh Road to enhance public transportation in Peshawar.

Furthermore, plans are underway to convert the city’s street lights to solar-powered bulbs. CM Gandapur has advocated for the construction of more underpasses rather than overhead bridges.

The Chief Minister has ordered the commencement of construction activities for the pending segment of the Warsak-Nasir Bagh Road, alongside necessary repairs along the BRT Corridor along University Road. He stressed the importance of installing artificial foliage along pathways and adorning walls and pedestrian bridges with culturally significant designs to promote a deeper appreciation of KP’s heritage.

To achieve these goals, the KP Chief Minister emphasized the need to enlist cooperation from private entities.

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