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Samsung is often criticized for lagging behind competitors in fast charging technology for its flagship phones. While rivals are pushing boundaries with charging speeds exceeding 100W, Samsung has typically capped its flagship devices at around 45W, a figure that hasn’t seen much improvement over the years.

Disappointingly, recent leaks about Samsung’s upcoming flagship foldable phones, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6, suggest that this trend is set to continue. Listings on the 3C certification platform reveal that both devices, identified by model numbers SM-F7410 and SM-F9560 respectively, will only support 25W wired charging. This is no faster than their predecessors or even some of Samsung’s standard smartphones like the Galaxy S24 series, which already offer up to 45W charging.


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It’s important to note that while the 3C website only mentions a 25W charger for these foldables, it doesn’t confirm the maximum charging speed supported by the devices. However, considering Samsung’s history of conservative charging speeds across its product range, it’s unlikely that the Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6 will break away from the company’s standard 25W charging. Even if the Z Fold 6, the more premium model, were to offer slightly higher speeds, it’s doubtful it would exceed the 45W mark.

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