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In a significant relief for individuals grappling with inflation, the prices of solar panels have experienced a notable decrease. This decline in solar panel costs has bolstered their affordability, making them more attainable for Pakistanis who are increasingly shifting towards green energy amidst record spikes in power tariffs.

As of 2024, in the provincial capital, the rates of solar panels have recently witnessed a substantial drop. According to reports, systems ranging from 7 to 15 kilowatts are now Rs. 200,000 cheaper.

Specifically, the price of a 7-kilowatt system has decreased by Rs. 100,000 to Rs. 825,000, while a 10-kilowatt system is now priced at Rs. 1.125 million.

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Furthermore, the cost of a 12-kilowatt system has seen a reduction of Rs. 200,000, bringing the new price to Rs. 1.4 million. Similarly, the price for a 15-kilowatt system now stands at Rs. 1.6 million, following a Rs. 200,000 reduction.

This sudden price drop comes as a significant relief, particularly with the approach of the summer season, during which prices traditionally surge.

Just last month, solar panel prices had surged due to increasing demand ahead of the summer season.

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