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Sister of Bella Hadid Launches Palestinian Film Production Company to Spotlight Israeli Matters.

Fashion designer and film producer Alana Hadid, sister to American supermodels Bella and Gigi Hadid, has launched a film production company aimed at shedding light on Israeli actions against Palestine. Over the past several years, Hadid has been committed to raising awareness about the plight of Palestinians.

Reports from international media outlets indicate that Hadid has chosen a distinctive logo for her production company, resembling a watermelon merged with the Palestinian flag. Moreover, she has christened her venture ‘Watermelon Pictures.’

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One of the key projects in the pipeline is a documentary titled “Walled Off,” delving into the history of Israeli occupation and the suffering endured by Palestinians. Promotional teasers shared on Watermelon Pictures’ official Instagram account offer glimpses into the atrocities faced by Palestinians, including the seizure of their lands by Israel.

A recently released promo by the production company underscores their dedication to amplifying the Palestinian narrative globally. Through factual storytelling, Watermelon Pictures aims to advocate for Palestine’s cause across various platforms.

In essence, Alana Hadid’s venture represents a concerted effort to spotlight the injustices faced by Palestinians and advocate for their rights on the world stage.

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