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The upcoming holy month of Ramadan is anticipated to commence on Tuesday, March 12, in the United Arab Emirates, as per the latest astronomical calculations. This month of fasting is projected to span the full 30 days, potentially leading to a six-day holiday for UAE residents to observe the Islamic festival of Eid Al Fitr. Khadijah Ahmad, Operations Manager at the Dubai Astronomy Group, noted that “based on astronomical maps, the Moon will be quite visible with the naked eye in many regions on March 11, suggesting that the following day, March 12, is a probable date for the start of Ramadan.” According to expert analysis, the holy month is expected to endure for 30 days based on astronomical calculations. Consequently, Ramadan 30 is forecasted to fall on Wednesday, April 10.

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The UAE government recently released a list of holidays for both the public and private sectors, indicating an extended break from Ramadan 29 through Shawwal 3 to commemorate Eid Al Fitr.

If the astronomical predictions hold true, the corresponding Gregorian calendar dates range from Tuesday, April 9 (Ramadan 29), to Saturday, April 13 (Shawwal 3). Accounting for the Sunday weekend, this translates to a six-day break for residents. Ramadan in Dubai is expected to begin with days lasting around 13 hours and 45 minutes, gradually increasing to approximately 14 hours and 25 minutes by month’s end.

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