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In the ongoing conflict in the Holy Month of Ramadan, Palestinians have faced continued violence, including a recent Israeli raid that resulted in the death of Brigadier General Fayeq al-Mabhouh, head of police operations in Palestine’s northern Gaza Strip. According to international media reports, the raid allegedly targeted Al-Shifa Hospital.

Al-Mabhouh was actively involved in coordinating humanitarian aid efforts with Palestinian tribes and the UN Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) in Gaza, which has been heavily affected by the conflict.

The Gaza media office condemned the raid as a war crime, accusing Israel of obstructing the delivery of essential aid to hundreds of thousands of people facing dire conditions due to the ongoing violence.

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Additionally, Israeli forces claimed to have targeted and killed a senior member of Hamas’ Internal Security Service, further escalating tensions between the two sides.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas has been ongoing since a cross-border attack in October last year, resulting in significant casualties on both sides. The situation has led to widespread destruction, shortages of basic necessities, and the displacement of a large portion of Gaza’s population.

With over 80 percent of the population displaced and facing severe shortages of food, water, and medical supplies due to blockades, the humanitarian crisis in Gaza continues to worsen amidst the ongoing conflict.

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