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US Consul General Hawkins Stresses Urgent Climate Change Adaptation Measures During Multan Visit

Over the last two decades, Pakistan has consistently found itself among the top 10 most vulnerable nations on the Climate Risk Index.

During her second visit to Multan, US Consul General Kristin K. Hawkins emphasized the urgent need for action to adapt to climate change. She highlighted US initiatives under the “Green Alliance” Framework, aimed at addressing crucial challenges including climate change, food security, and energy issues.

Consul General Hawkins inaugurated the Customer Facilitation Center of Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO) as part of the US government’s ongoing support in Pakistan’s energy sector. Since 2014, the United States has assisted MEPCO in installing over 40,000 smart meters, thus enhancing electricity efficiency for Multan’s residents. Hawkins remarked, “USAID’s collaboration with MEPCO has yielded significant outcomes. We’ve introduced novel approaches and technologies to enhance customer service and boost revenue.”

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During her visit, Hawkins also toured a fruit processing plant funded by the US. She highlighted the commitment to further explore avenues promoting sustainable agricultural practices, productivity enhancement, and reducing the environmental impact of farming. Through initiatives like the $21 million “Pakistan Agricultural Development Project,” the United States has trained 63,000 farmers on innovative agricultural techniques.

This support is part of the broader US-Pakistan “Green Alliance” framework, focusing on increasing agricultural productivity, improving farmers’ incomes, and conserving soil and water resources. “Through collaborative efforts and projects like these, we aim to foster a brighter and more prosperous future for the people of Pakistan,” stated Consul General Hawkins.

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