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Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Shehbano Naqvi, who recently made headlines for her courageous rescue of a woman from a mob in Lahore, is once again gaining attention on social media, but this time for a different reason.

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Naqvi garnered widespread praise for her swift action in diffusing a tense situation at Ichara Market in Lahore, where a woman was accused of blasphemy for wearing a dress adorned with Arabic calligraphy. Her adept handling of the situation prevented further escalation as a large crowd gathered, raising slogans against the woman.

 ASP Shehrbano


 ASP Shehrbano


Now, a series of photos from Naqvi’s wedding have gone viral on social media, showcasing her resplendent beauty in a stunning golden eastern dress. In several images, she is seen radiantly posing with her husband on their special day. Social media users are effusive in their admiration for the police officer, showering her with compliments and best wishes.

 ASP Shehrbano

Naqvi’s recent wedding photos have captivated the online community, adding another dimension to her already impressive profile as a fearless law enforcement officer.

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