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WhatsApp appears to be edging closer to the long-awaited feature of transcribing voice messages. The latest beta version for both iOS and Android, as noticed by the reliable team at WABetaInfo, indicates that the company is once again working on integrating this functionality.

This feature is expected to allow users to convert voice messages into text, offering a significant time-saving benefit. It addresses the common scenario where users receive lengthy voice messages, potentially exceeding the duration of regular phone calls. By transcribing these messages into text, users can quickly grasp their content without having to listen to them in full.

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Moreover, this feature caters to situations where listening to voice messages is impractical, such as in noisy environments or when playing music on the device. According to a screenshot shared by WABetaInfo, enabling transcripts may require downloading around 150 MB of additional app data. WhatsApp assures users that the feature will utilize the device’s speech-recognition capabilities and maintain end-to-end encryption for privacy and security.

While an official launch date for the feature has not been announced, its appearance in the latest beta version suggests that it could soon roll out to the stable version of WhatsApp. Users are advised to keep their app updated to access the latest features as they become available.

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