021 event The relaxed investment climate in Pakistan in general and in Karachi in particular manifested itself in the shape of the 021 investor conference which recently concluded in the Sindh metropolis. A good number of investors attended that meeting which was organized second year running.

The purpose of the meeting has been to bring together investors who are ready to invest or enter into a joint venture with the companies willing to make the most of the capital opportunities available. The event for obvious reasons that the upcoming entrepreneurial opportunities as well as ground is available in the technology based solutions, also attracted leading associations as well as names from the Pakistani TECH scene.

In this way, it was not a routine investment promotion conference usually called in by the federal or provincial investment promotion bureau, the events which end when the last pastry or patty has been consumed off the hi tea table, it was a real-time opportunity for all to firm up investment plans, draw up feasibilities as well as find a common ground where a venture can be put on the anvil.

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The event also triggered what can be called the call by the leading brand names like Coca Cola seeking tech solutions to plastic waste management solutions. It was in a way engaging for the participants to take a plunge, provided they were done with the homework.

Likewise it was also an opportunity for global search engine giant Google to launch its google accelerator. Here it would not be out of context to point out that this sideline investment congregation gave the global and regional venture capital initiatives to come over and see for themselves the opportunities available in Pakistan.

In simple words it was an event for those who meant business in the business sense; not a hi tea opp.


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