There were several reports over hackers gaining and  accessing the sensitive and private information of more than 30 million Facebook users, and the situation got so out of control that there were eventual lawsuits handed out to Facebook and some of its more prominent members.

Facebook itself commented on the issue by saying that it was the biggest security breach in the history of the social media website, and the breach resulted as the hackers stole “access tokens”, those of which allow users of the website access without having the need to log in more than one time – basically, in multiple occasions.

The issue which went on for several weeks has finally led to Facebook taking stiff action, as the company removed more than a billion and a half fake accounts. And if you think such a statistic is staggering, just consider the fact that Facebook also deleted around 2.1 billion pieces of spam. The social media website shared such numbers with the public in its community standards report, and with accordance to the company itself, many of the fake accounts resulted in the direct access, leading to the eventual cyber attacks.

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The matter became so serious that Facebook recognized and took the necessary steps required to prevent the violating content, even before people across the website had seen the issues and reported it. According to the report published by Facebook, around 95.9 percent of the violating content was subject to dealing with, before it was even actually reported.

Facebook has been, and still is to some extent under constant inspection concerning the so-called fake news propaganda, needless to say that the company came up against extreme scrutiny and criticism for another security breach, which went on to affect more than 50 million accounts alone.


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