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Get NO.1 F7 GPS Rugged Smartwatch from first 1000 discounted units

Get NO.1 F7 GPS Rugged Smartwatch from first 1000 discounted units. After two weeks of wait, finally we are here with a good news for the lovers of No1 F7 rugged smartwatch, as the company has started officially announced the start of the presale period for this watch. Remember that the presale period will take place on Banggood.

If you are new to know about the smartwatch, it would be worth to mention that the No.1 F7 comes equipped with GPS. The smartwatch features IP67 certification, just like every respectable rugged smartwatch.

Not only the GPS that is crucial when users go out for a run, the F7 also comes with a big, 400mAh battery that can last more than 15 days. Yes, this massive battery lets you enjoy the journey with this watch for up to 20 days on a single charge.

 If you use GPS continuously, this 400mAh battery will help you continue its use for up to 16 hours.

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Additionally, there is an embedded compass too, but what is the most important upgrade over the previous model? Definitely, it is the display.

And now, if you have experienced the previous model, you might be well aware that it’s display was not more than a B & W one, but you will feel yourself getting crazy to know that the new model No1 F7 comes with an OLED color display, indeed a major upgrade to the older model.

As told you in the beginning, the No.1 F7 is already up for presale on Banggood with a 42 per cent discount for the first 800 units.This discounted price brings the smartwatch close to $44.99.

If you can not manage to pre order for the first deal, don’t worry, the next deal is for 200 units that will be available for $59.99.

Remember that once presales reach 1000 units, the company will go up to its official retail price of $78.99.

Saba Imran
Saba Imran
Saba is a passionate and versatile writer of NetMag's blog and Magazine. She is known for her great research based articles which are more often concluding the depths of insights of ICT in Pakistan and globally as well.



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