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$1 million jackpot goes to a Pakistani woman

$1 million jackpot goes to a Pakistani woman

So well Pakistan is on top in terms of luck now as well. A Pakistani national has won a lottery of $1 million in a luck draw set up by the Dubai duty-free rattle. The winner is a Pakistani woman namely Fahmida Tanveer who has been living in Dubai for 10 years now. She seemed very happy and of course lucky to have gotten her hands on a mega-prize such as this. She says “ Thank God for this wonderful news! It is the first I have won this big and this will definitely go a long way”

She had the ticket number 0373 in the series 285 which according to her was bought on the internet with compliance of her husband. The Dubai duty-free was celebrating Diwali at the Dubai International Airport in which a special reception was held in the honour of Vipul which is the Indian Consul General to Dubai. Furthermore a presentation was also held for yhe the previous winner of the competition, SouravDey who is an Indian national living in Dubai who won the ticket in series no 284 with the ticket number 3070. He added that “ Im delighted to attend the presentation and meet the Dubai duty-free team who have made this all possible along with the Consul General Vipul”

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Well the Dubai duty-free have been known to organize such special promotional incentives for yhe general public in this case a promotional activity which celebrates the occasion of Diwali. The two-day shopping frenzy which offers discounts of up to 20 percent was held between the dates of November 1st and November 2ndfor all the people who were arriving and departing as passengers who were travelling to or from or even through Dubai International and Al Maktoum International Airports which are known to generate millions of dollars in sale alone.

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