Is it true that a Guy Did a Scam of $1 Million by Selling Chuck E. Cheese Tokens as Bitcoins? You must have seen this news on Social media that a guy arrested in New York City who was allegedly selling altered Chuck E. Cheese tokens as bitcoins and many users on internet are praising him as “hero”.

As recently a report claims that he collected $1.1 million with the scam. Unfortunately there is no hero, and this whole story is phonier than Monopoly currency.

All reports regarding a man was arrested after making more than $1 million in a Bitcoin scam are “false”. And all that viral rumors that a New York man was selling Chuck E. Cheese tokens as bitcoins rooted from a notorious satire website.

Hoax Alert declared that the fake claim originated on Huzlers, an entertainment website known for making and posting fake news and fauxtire/satire.

An article on this website claimed that 36-year-old named Marlon Jensen was arrested after the NYPD exposed the cryptocurrency scam, which implicated by means of tainted tokens from the family entertainment company as “bitcoins.” It alleged:

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“A New York man has been arrested after he reportedly made over a million dollars selling Chuck E. Cheese tokens as Bitcoins on the streets.

Marlon Jensen, 36, was arrested a Sunday morning when NYPD stormed his home. NYPD received calls from the fraud victims that someone had sold them “Bitcoins”, only to find out there actually was no tangible bitcoin currency available. NYPD found $1.1 Million of cash inside Marlons home. According to police, Marlon had scratched off most of the Chuck E. Cheese engravements on the coins, and would write “B” on each coin with permanent marker.”

On the other hand, the report is totally fabricated. Moreover, Chuck E. Cheese doesn’t even utilize their iconic tokens any longer (and that Bitcoin is a digital currency), Huzlers states in their provision that articles should not be taken seriously:

It is important to mention here that “” is the most notorious fauxtire & satire entertainment website globally. Anything trending on social media then you’ll find it here!

Although there is bounty of examples of Bitcoin scams, the Chuck E. Cheese token-related arrest is not one of them. So take a chill pill as this story is totally bogus and fake.


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