10 best apps for students to increase the productivity. Life for students isn’t easy! Nowadays, lots of students scream about their hard life and point out the issues related to studies. Come on, getting done your assignments or presentations has never been so easy then this era. Everything is in their palms of hands with the advent of mobile and internet.

We need to understand, apps aren’t just for video games they can also help them to improve productivity so they can get better results in school and colleges.

Now get out of the days when you had to go to the library to study or find out your required books and had to write the remainders on notebooks. I’m sure your parents must have shared with you stories of their time when they were students, how they had done their studies without taking any help from gadgets or apps.

Well, now software app developers find out a need and create solutions via apps. If you need a ride to school then download an app to your smartphone. If you want food delivered for your late night study group then go for an app. If you want to get help in solving mathematical problem then go for an app. In a nutshell you can find your solutions with the help of different apps.

For students, there are top rated apps that can help you achieve higher grades by improving your level of productivity. You can find an app for everything students need to get better results in homework, tests and school projects.

We have gathered 10 best apps to help you in the following areas:

  • Note-taking
  • Research
  • Rest and recovery
  • Report preparation
  • Task planning
  • Test preparation
  • Communication
  • Money/ Budget management
  • Focus/ Concentration
  • Project management

There are a lot of different apps in the market that can offer these services. But the ones listed in this article are the most recommended apps for students. So they can produce better results in their respective domains.

Office Lens

Oh! This one is really useful for the backbenchers. Are you seated at the far right-hand corner of the classroom? Then go ahead and take pictures from the board, Office Lens will do the rest. It cleans up the image by removing glare and shadows from it.

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It is another wonderful innovation from the tech wizards at Microsoft. Students can take high-resolution pictures of the blackboard, whiteboard, receipts, and magazine/newspaper articles. It converts them into readable and shareable files.

Sleep Cycle

What’s the point of all hard work in studying and staying up late to review with your classmates if you didn’t get enough sleep? Being a student, you should know that poor quality or lack of sleep will affect your focus, understanding and mental awareness.

Sleep Cycle is one of the most helpful apps for students. It analysis your sleeping patterns from data collected from its built-in microphone and accelerometer. It will let you know the best hour to go to bed and wake up so you can set your sleep timetable. It will wake you up during the lightest phase of nap.

Dragon Dictation

Are you tired enough by taking two lectures and in third lecture you don’t want to write the whole lengthy lecture on your notebook? On the other hand, if you simply want to concentrate on your lecture rather writing and noting long paragraphs. Then the best solution for you is Dragon Dictation.

It is a transcription app that helps students convert audio into text files. It is also useful when you have attended lectures where the audio is less than wanted and it’s hard for you to make any sense of what the teacher is saying.

It will decipher vague words and suggest possibilities. Use the app to create text files for lectures, homework, meetings and group discussions.

This app can save students’ time and spare their wrists and elbows from the physical strain of typing or writing.


Have you ever wonder what makes a student more productive than others? The simple answer to this question is “Time Management “.

So, if you want to be productive then you need Wunderlist, it is surely one of the best time management apps for students.

You can also use it as a to-do list tracker or synch in with your PC, desktop or laptop in order to stay on top of your other projects and everyday tasks.

Wunderlist is an amazing app to note down school projects, meetings with group mates and advisers. There is no doubt that the app is the “virtual string around your finger” apart from the fact that it’s uploaded on your smartphone.


Are you living with a snoopy college roommate? Oh, I can feel the trouble. Well, you don’t need to worry about as “Tasker “gives you peace of mind since it allows you to lock applications with a password.

Moreover, it is also a daily planner app where you can set the routine and automate hundreds of tasks based on traditional conditions.

It has plenty of other cool features like customizing the phones ringer wherever you are and when you wish for it too so that it won’t go off during class. The app will automatically record phone calls and sends customized messages when you are not available.


Most of the students in school say that math is not their favorite subject. Well, I expect after having Mathway, Math may end up becoming your favorite subject in school!

Let say, if you stuck at a Word Problem then all you need is simply type in the problem or take a picture. Then, upload it into Mathway and you will get the answer after a few seconds.

Furthermore, if you’re willing to pay a minimum monthly subscription fee, then Mathway will go the extra mile and provide students a step-by-step instructional process on how it solved the problem itself.


One thing that I admit here understands literature isn’t easy task to do. In old school days our parents used cliff notes to understand literary classics like “War and Peace”, Mr. Chips” and “The Iliad”.

When you will use it in app format, CliffNotes will act your companion guide to the best works of literature and consist of features for better learning and understanding.

It is best for understanding literature as it offers students plot analyses, summaries, quizzes, bookmarking and character maps. The plus point of CliffNotes is a feature named “CramCast”. It is an audio summary of the book in case you prefer like listening more than reading.

On the other hand, CliffNotes was created by teachers and educational professionals.So, you don’t need to worry about the content.


If you’re heading off to college or a new high school it can bring out all of your anxieties. However, with the help of CircleOf6, you can stay connected and in touch with 6 of your closest and most trusted friends wherever you may be.  So if you find yourself in a situation that is possibly dangerous or risky, you can send a pre-programmed message to those in your circle with just two quick taps. The app will automatically take in your exact location so your friends or family know where you’re.


This one is my favorite as it allows students to handle your budget. As, students rely on their parents for budgeting tips. Well, from now you can have GoodBudget for money advice. It arranges your expenses into “virtual envelopes” like transportation, lunch and school notes.

It’s the best app to understand the value of money and do a smart management for you.

Moreover, you can also generate savings by using it in order to prepare for an important purchase. It can save your time and money simultaneously.


Remember spending hours and hours in library or supermarket in order to find out your required book. Well, looking for books can be tough challenge and time-consuming task for students.

CampusBook has made hunting textbooks easier than ever. It will help you find out the lowest prices for the books you need whether online or from bookstores.

All you need is to scan the barcode and you’ll spot a list where you can find the book you need.

On the other hand, when you’re done with books, CampusBook can assist you sell them by showing you the best prices.


In order to make studying easier and convenient for students, they need to have the best apps on their smartphone. However, we have done our jobs by presenting 10 best app but you still have to put in the work so you can turn into the best in your class.

Well, you don’t need to download all of these apps on your smartphone. Do the self-evaluation and then think what can be beneficial from the above list of apps for you. One thing that I strongly recommend is get apps that work as a study reminder or daily planner so you can manage your time accordingly.


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