2018 has been a year full of ground breaking innovations especially in the smartphone industry. From maximizing the display to having more than two camera sensors on the back, manufacturers have made it all possible through conducting intensive research making product quality their top priority. 100% is Now a Matter of Minutes With the Super VOOC Flash Charge

Limiting our focus to the innovation made in the charging department, one brand deserves a lot of praise for introducing the safest and the fastest charging mehtod in the world, OPPO. OPPO owns the fastest charging method which they call “SuperVOOC Flash Charge”.   At first, OPPO introduced VOOC Flash Charge technology which today is used by more than 100 million people and then they came up with an even faster and safer method of charging, SuperVOOC. From VOOC to SuperVOOC, the output power is maximized from 5V/4A, and 20W, to 10V/5A, and close to 50W. The SuperVOOC Flash Charge will save you time, facilitate charging and spare you from being in a hurry.

The Magic of SuperVOOC Flash Charge in the beautiful R17 Pro

As mentioned above, SuperVOOC is the advance level of charging from OPPO. In OPPO Find X Lamborghini edition, it only took 35 minutes to charge the phone. SuperVOOC has now been introduced in the recently launched R17 Pro. Let’s find out below how this charging technology will work in R17 Pro.

·         50W Super Flash Charging:

R17 Pro is the first R-series product that equips SuperVOOC flash charging technology, which adopts 10V/5A fast charging and bi-cell design (2*1850mAh battery capacity). SuperVOOC can reach a charging power close to 50W, filling the battery to 40% in 10 minutes. According to the tests carried out, it took 40 minutes for a dead R17 Pro to reach 100% battery level.

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·         Five-core protection makes fast charging safer:

SuperVOOC innovatively uses a dedicated charge-pump high-efficiency step-down circuit, which can reduce the voltage of the bi-cell to the voltage level of one cell. The current of the entire path does not exceed 5A, so the security level is the same as the traditional VOOC.

At the same time, SuperVOOC adopts “Five-chip protection” technology. From adapters and cables to mobile phone ports, there are five chips for full-scale charging protection. Having such protection, users can charge and use their phone at the same time without worrying about their safety.

100% is Now a Matter of Minutes With the Super VOOC Flash Charge

With the SuperVOOC Flash Charge technology, users can save themselves from the hassle of charging their phones for hours. OPPO has always focused on innovating be that in the camera department or the overall design of the phone. OPPO has become a trendsetter for other brands with its continuous dedication towards innovating and exploring new departments. If fast charging is what you want then R17 Pro will be the perfect device for you.


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