Planned out your Iftar venues for the big games? Sent out invitees to all your gang for joining in? ICC Champions Trophy’17, the biggest cricketing event of the year is here & we are sure you must have planned it out all to enjoy the exciting fixtures.  So, you have everything planned out but you dread the moment when those annoying ads start rolling in between the overs? The struggle gets even tougher as you try to survive through your fast in this scorching heat.  PTCL got the perfect solution for all the cricketing fans to enjoy their favorite game without bearing those ads. Yes, you read it right, NO MORE ADS!

You can enjoy all the Champions Trophy 2017 matches live and uninterrupted through PTCL’s Smart TV & Smart TV App. Enjoy the thrilling moments & catch all the action without any boring cringe-worthy ads that make you pick up your remote & change channels.

All you need to do is subscribe to PTCL Smart TV or Download Smart TV app & Tune into CHANNEL 2 for the action-packed days that are coming ahead. With the emotions at an all-time high during the big games, why you need to test your patience watching those ads?  PTCL understands every cricket lovers emotion & that’s why this is the best news we could have wished for!


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