107 emergency updates released by Google Chrome, fixing high-risk vulnerabilities

Chrome, fixing high-risk vulnerabilities

It has been discovered that hackers have exploited a security vulnerability within Google Chrome version 107, making it necessary for Google to release an emergency security update. In the near future, other Chromium-based browsers should follow suit, as well as other browsers powered by the Chrome engine.

107 emergency updates released by Chrome, fixing high-risk vulnerabilities

It is currently recommended that users upgrade to Chrome Stable for Mac and Linux version 107.0.5304.121, while Chrome Stable for Windows-10 will install version 107.0.5304.121/122; Chrome Extended Stable will install version 106.0.5249.199; and Chrome for Android will install version 107.0.5304.141. A new version of Chrome has been released for Android devices. It is called 107.0.5304.141.

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You can manually upgrade Google Chrome on the desktop by going to chrome://settings/help or by choosing the Chrome “Menu” > “Help” > “About Google Chrome” button in the Chrome menu.

It has been identified that this high-risk vulnerability, which is numbered CVE-2022-4135, is caused by an overflow in GPU heap buffers. This incident has been classified as ‘high severity’, which is only behind ‘critical’ in terms of its level of seriousness. To avoid potential risks, Google strongly recommends that users update Chrome immediately in order to avoid the potential impact of this vulnerability. The company has found evidence that hackers are exploiting the vulnerability to launch attacks.


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