A sub-advisory group of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) was astounded to discover that exactly 106 exploration ventures at different colleges were as yet inadequate after longer than 10 years in spite of subsidizing by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). 

The council’s convener Alam Khan guided the commission to present the record of these inadequate examination ventures with the review officials. 

The panel executive additionally communicated outrage on the nonattendance of the HEC Chairman Tariq Banuri in the gathering. Khan asked the HEC Executive Director (ED) Lt Gen (retd) Muhammad Asghar about the administrator. The ED answered that Banuri was in his office. 

Afterward, HEC director showed up at the gathering. Khan asked Banuri to send an official letter ahead of time in the event that he had any explanation behind nonappearance from the PAC meeting. 

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The council explored the review paras of HEC. According to the review report, HEC gave assets to various colleges for research ventures. Nonetheless, somewhere in the range of 106 undertakings of 583 were as yet fragmented following 14 years, review discoveries brought up. 

Other than this, the review officials informed the council that the commission sent different researchers to another country for P.hD and different grants. Be that as it may, 132 of them didn’t return. They included that even the expense of preparing was not recouped from these researchers by HEC. At this, ED said that a case in such manner was at that point in the court, including that they have made a few recuperations. He stated that the review officials excused the related para from the report. 

The convener expressed that the grants should just be granted to the deserving understudies not the all around associated and rich individuals.


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