14 People Arrested After The Destruction of Hindu Temple in KPK

14 People Arrested After The Destruction of Hindu Temple in KPK

Police arrested 14 individuals in overnight strikes after a Hindu holy place was determined to fire and seriously harmed by a horde drove by allies of a cleric in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Karak region, officials said on Thursday. 

The temple’s demolition on Wednesday drew judgment from basic liberties activists and the minority Hindu people group. 

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Nearby police said they kept at any rate 14 individuals in overnight attacks and more strikes were in progress to capture people who partook or incited the horde to destroy the sanctum. 

The assault occurred after individuals from the Hindu people group got consent from nearby specialists to remodel the structure. As per witnesses, the horde was driven by a nearby pastor and allies of a strict ideological group. 

Priest for Religious Affairs Noorul Haq Qadri called the assault “a connivance against partisan agreement”. He took to Twitter on Thursday, saying assaults on spots of love of minority strict gatherings are not permitted in Islam and “assurance of strict opportunity of minorities is our strict, protected, good and public obligation.” 

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The occurrence comes a long time after the public authority permitted Hindu residents to assemble another temple in Islamabad on the suggestion of a committee of ministers.

In spite of the fact that Muslims and Hindus for the most part live calmly together in Pakistan, there have been different assaults on Hindu spots of love lately.


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