Here are 19 random facts about Google on its 19th birthday

Recently Google celebrated its 19th birthday in a most Googley way by releasing a special Google Doodle. There was a game built into it. Google offered

Recently Google celebrated its 19th birthday in a most Googley way by releasing a special Google Doodle.

There was a game built into it. Google offered its users a spinner to spin and open one of 19 surprises launched over this years.

We have collected 19 random facts about the tech giant Google to wish it a happy birthday.

  1. In 1998, Larry Page and Sergey Brin invented the Google. The company was incorporated on Sept. 4, 1998, but surprisingly since 2006, it has started to celebrate its birthday on September 27.
  2. The first Doodle was designed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin as an out-of-office memo in case of a server crash while these two founders attended the Burning Man Festival in 1998.
  3. Google has more than 72,000 employees.
  4. Google is on the top list in digital and mobile ad revenue. Since 2006, 67% of Google’s net digital ad revenue will come from mobile in 2017, up from $38 billion in 2016 according to the analyst estimates.
  5. Google has a procession of domains that contain common misspellings of its name, like,, and more. Just to inform you, Google also owns, which are the matching numbers that spell out Google on a phone’s keypad.
  6. According to statistics results, Google-owned 90.3% of the world market share of search engines, since of July 2017, it owns 86.8%.
  7. Google is named for the number “googol,” which is the digit followed by a hundred zeroes.
  8. This year announcement came from Google that it is funding a new software project that will automate writing local news.
  9. Google is mostly white, Asian and male. As reports showed the percentage of white employees decreased from 59 % to 56 % this year. The percentage of Asian employees amplified from 32% to 35%. 
  10. Want a look how looked like on Dec. 2, 1998? Here it is!
  11. At the Google I/O developer conference in May, Google announced that there are now more than two billion pages using its AMP format, improved caching to speed up mobile page performance, spanning 900,000 domains.
  12. According to Google, there are hundreds of billions of web pages within the Google Search index, and it is well over 100,000,000 gigabytes in size.
  13. Google’s philosophy consists of “Ten things we know to be true“The top strategy is: Focus on the user and all else will trail it.
  14. Since April 1, 2000, Google is playing intricate April Fools’ Day and jokes on it. The first joke was the MentalPlex hoax, which attracted user and asks them to let Google read their minds.
  15. In recent times, Google announced a new head of diversity, as it was handling controversial 3,000-word internal memo sent to the firm by an employee.
  16. Google was initiated in Susan Wojcicki’s garage. Wojcicki is current CEO of YouTube.
  17. In 2006, Google bought YouTube for a whopping $1.65 billion. This is its largest purchase ever at the time.
  18. YouTube, Google Play, Google Maps, Gmail and Google Search, these 5 apps are owned by Google and are among top 10 of mobile apps in America.
  19. Artificial intelligence head of Google doesn’t think you ought to be anxious about a coming robot apocalypse.

Once again Happy Birthday Google



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