South Korea has just gone on to unveil its five year project for the sake of development of its core technologies with respect to 6G technology. This plan will see the country’s government invest a huge sum of 193 million USD.

In accordance to a latest report, South Korean is stepping up its efforts for the sake of joint research as well as cooperation with the USA. The country is looking and aiming at the prospect of achieving the world’s first ever commercialization of 6G mobile telecommunications by the year 2028. This particular investment was announced on the 23rd of June at a 6G strategy meeting which was also attended by experts, company officials and also of course government officials too.

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The country’s Science and ICT minister in Lim Hye-sook proceeded on to claim in the conference : “As the next generation mobile network is the foundation of digital innovation, we should play a bold and challenging role together to lead the international market in the 6th generation era based on our experience and know-how in the field.” The report also proceeded on toads that a 6G network can only actually be commercialized when both a high performance network on the ground as well as satellite communication is combined.

Moreover, researchers have also gone on to call for the early development of 6G related tech while companies have tied up with research bodies in order to make sure and secure core 6G technologies. The Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) has claimed that it is in fact working on the terahertz (THz) frequency band that could potentially make way in order to produce a way so as to meet 6G requirements of terabits per second data transfer rate. All of this looks very promising, while we wait for more updates to make way! 


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