1RIC is a developer-cum-digital artist from Pakistan who is using his new innovative ideas to create amazing designs of abstract art by just using his mind intelligence techniques!

Asad Malik, is the power house of these amazing art works from the 1RIC. He uses his amazing talent to create waves of colorful pattern design!


In his early age Asad malik , learned the work of coding and was quite astonished by themesmerizing potential complexity of it! Now recently in the early days he has been making products out of iOS and android.

He was once a student of, Bennington College, USA, where he was given a big platform to experience the world of art!


The one basic key of his work is that he wants to record his work in a visual form, and that is his piece of abstract painting. He does this by using the most advance scanning technologies that might be a new innovation to the art world out there today!

He used the existing brain scanning techniques to create the visual piece of art. While living in san Francisco he manufactured the a brain interfacing software. For this work he used the Emotiv EPOC, a wireless brain scanning gadget to get his brain’s EEG data.

Is His Art for Sale?

If you love the artwork of 1RIC, then here’s the good news for the art lovers! 1RIC is now selling his artwork to the big piece of work is sold for $1200 each while the smaller picture prints cost $120.


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