20% market share targeted by Samsung by 2020

20% market share targeted by Samsung by 2020
20% market share targeted by Samsung by 2020

The telecom equipment market right now has a few big players, and unfortunately for Samsung, the Korean company isn’t amongst these big players, which include the likes of Huawei, with the company having a market share of 28 percent, Nokia 23 percent, and while Ericsson doesn’t lie far behind Huawei, having a share of 27 percent of the share, Samsung lies far behind, owing to only three percent of the market share – far, far behind when compared to the big players.

However, the Korean company is looking to change this, as the company has been focusing on the next-generation telecommunications technology, over the course of the past years, in a bid to establish its footprint going forward in the future. The company says that it aims to achieve around 20 percent of the total market share in the 5G equipment market by 2022.

While Samsung has certainly set out its aims, the company actually looks like it’s in a good position to achieve these aims. Samsung has demonstrated its 5G equipment multiple times, and has also teamed up with carriers that are found in key markets, in a bid to run tests on commercial 5G networks.

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This testing in particular is focused both in South Korea, and also the United States. Carriers in both the countries are due to switch on their commercial 5G networks by next year. The company also has partnerships in relation to 5G with other big players in both the countries that I have just stated. The company’s network business president, Kim Young-ki has also recently stated that the company will account for around 20 percent of the 5G equipment market, by the year 2022.

Major US carriers, ranging from the likes of Verizon, to AT&T, and some others will actually be sourcing 5G equipment from Samsung, for the use of their commercial networks. This would then provide the Korean company with a great launchpad, in a bid to expand its client base even further, when the 5G wave if finally reached to the other markets, and in particular, the emerging markets.


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