3 new Galaxy Note 9 features that show Samsung is the real boss

3 new Galaxy Note 9 features that show Samsung is the real boss
3 new Galaxy Note 9 features that show Samsung is the real boss

Finally, Samsung flagship phablet series smartphone — Galaxy Note 9, the beast is here and it is a huge device looking from the outside as well as the inside. Alongside its massive screen and heftier battery, the phone packs biggest updates ever like the 1TB of storage option and improved Bluetooth-connected S Pen.

Samsung unveiled Galaxy Note 9 in its “Unpacked” event in New York last week and surprisingly just by a mere glimpse one can tell that it justifies its $1,000+ price tag. While you can have a look at our detailed coverage of Note 9’s specs and features here, I am in this short piece, more concerned on informing you about some standalone features of the Galaxy Note 9. Although the company’s new Wireless Charging Duo can quick-charge two Qi-compatible devices at the same time, yet we here will be focusing on things inside the phone.

Improved S-Pen works like a Remote Control

Remember the good-old stylus that we have been seeing in Samsung’s Note series phablets since the beginning, now it isn’t just a multi-colored stylus anymore but a remote control for Samsung’s latest offering — Galaxy Note 9. The new remote S-Pen uses Bluetooth low energy inside of it. Now users can untether themselves from the phone. Just by clicking the pen, users can take pictures, advance slideshows or pause and play music. Samsung claims that this new S-Pen should get 30 minutes of standby time with 40 seconds of charging.

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Massive 512GB internal storage with 512GB microSD card support

Note 9 is the world’s first 1TB-ready smartphone, a capacity that rivals that of most laptops people buy today. There is theoretically 1TB of storage capacity in the Note 9 when the 512GB Note 9 is combined with the same size microSD card. You don’t actually have 1TB of space to play with, because some of it is already acquired by system apps. But here’s catch the Note 9 variant with 6GB of RAM and 128GB will cost you around $1,000 while the 8GB/512GB version is $1,250 worth. In addition, the large 4,000-mAh battery, dramatically leveled-up storage.

Promising Camera improvements with AI

When we talk about the hardware front of Note’s rear camera it features a dual camera with dual OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) feature, while the front 8MP shooter for selfies comes with F1.7. On the software side, Samsung has introduced two amazing features which are Scene Optimizer and Flaw Detection.

With the help of artificial intelligence, the Scene Optimizer saves amateur photographers from having to futz with more advanced settings like white balance and saturation. On the other hand, the Flaw Detection serves a similar role as Scene Optimizer, helping you avoid getting in your own way as an amateur photographer.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is up for pre-orders in Pakistan and will hit the shelves here for a whopping PKR 120,000+ initially from 24th of August.


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