388% YoY growth for Oneplus in Europe

OnePlus cameras

Chinese manufacturer Oneplus has recently seen a huge surge when it comes to the western market. The company’s sales have gone on to se a whopping 388 percent year on year increase in Europe – this coming in from an official announcement.

In accordance with the official notes coming in from the brand itself, Oneplus has seen a 388 percent increase when it comes to sales growth in the very first quarter of the year in the European region. This of course is reflected by the ten million global users that the company has. A major part of the growth is likely to be down to major factors – including the growth in confidence with respect to the brand as well as the rise in spending by people all across the globe post the coronavirus pandemic.

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Furthermore, the growth of the brand in the European region in particular is likely to be linked to the decline that Huawei saw after its operations were subject to severe restrictions thanks to the sanctions that have been put in place by the US – especially the ones outside of China. For those of you who are unaware – Huawei actually faced major restrictions coupled by the lack of access for its Google Play services. And hence, the company did end up seeing rather impressive growth in the region – which was furthered by the launch of the Oneplus 9 series.

Nonetheless, even though there has indeed been major growth, the company only holds 2 percent market share within the European region with a proposed 85 percent figure. In accordance with the Counterpoint Research report, this still goes on to put the band in third place when it comes to year on year growth after Realme and Oppo ended up recording 183 and 94 percent growth ratios respectively.


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