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4 small business ideas with big potential in Pakistan

4 small business ideas with big potential in Pakistan

4 small business ideas with big potential in Pakistan.

What can be more beautiful than having your own business?  The ability to set your own timetable and be your own boss is great opportunity itself.

If you got the entrepreneurial guts, you may think you’re geared up to get out there and start your own business. However, entrepreneurship comes with great dreams. In order to make big bucks, you need an innovative business idea with the legs to get off the ground.

I have collected some great business ideas so you can start on your own and can grow as you gain experience within these domains. The plus point about these ideas is they don’t require too much seed funding or capital expense.

Online freelancing

If you have your own PC or laptop then one of the easiest businesses to start is “online freelancing”. In order to become an online freelancer, you do not require any expensive equipment or licenses.

On the other hand, you do not even need to file as a business in your state to set up working as a sole proprietor.

In order to take a start, look at your own skill set and what can you do best? Consider what other people may be willing to pay for.

You can offer your writing skills as a content writer if you are a great writer you can opt to design websites if you know how to build websites. If you are good at creating and editing videos then go for it. You can go for graphic designing if you’re good at it.

However, if you have no abilities with the above-mentioned skills then you must know how to enter data in simple sheets as there are unlimited opportunities for work on the web. If you do not have any potential clients then look to ODesk, Elance, and Fiverr to get started.

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Homemade food business for offices and hostels

  • People in offices and hostels get hungry, and employees of most companies do not care to go out for lunch or dinner due to the shortage of time. Many students in hostels want to get homemade food instead of hotels. If you are willing to cook food and got the good taste in your hand then you can call around to local offices, companies, and hostels to get orders. You can also offer them weekly or monthly deals.

 If it grows enough, which it will then you can hire more people to restock and cook while you sit in the office counting your profits.

Computer Repair

If you know your way around a hard drive or CPU then there are millions of Pakistanis who know little more about their computer than where the on button is located.  They may be willing to pay you to facilitate them out when their computers break down.

Apart from hardware repair, you can also offer software services. As, Computer repair services consist of virus removal, general maintenance for speed improvements, network issues, occasional hardware improvements and repairs, like adding a second hard drive or RAM.

On the other hand, if you know how to do a lot with computers, but not the whole thing, you can always learn more and new stuff via YouTube videos and online tutorials. They are great sources of info and help.

VR Gaming:

Virtual reality is changing the way we live but it has totally revolutionized the gaming industry. With VR gaming tools one can experience the real life gaming experience, where a person can experience being in a 3D environment and interact with that environment during a game.

Nowadays you can see games with new VR titles being released on the almost weekly basis. If you are tech-savvy and attracted to latest technology, virtual reality could be the next potential idea for your creative business mind.

You can make your VR gaming zone in Pakistan and you will get a larger market share and less competition due to the novelty of the VR gaming concept.

The bottom line                                          

Starting a business can be threatening in many senses and failure of the business is great fear in this field. However, if you work hard with complete dedication then nothing can stop you to achieve your goals. All you need is the great idea with an excellent business plan.

You can also get advice from mentors who have spent their time in respective fields with great experience as it’s always good to have mentors to guide you. But, if you don’t have mentors to guide you then remember “failure” is a great mentor of all.

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