One of the biggest – if not the biggest concerns when talking about 5G is the impact of the technology on battery life, as companies use the first generation modems to get smartphones to the market. However, Qualcomm is looking to put the issue to bed, and has suggested that it has a solution : called 5G Power Save.

The firm has described 5G PowerSave by stating that it is a combination of 3GPP standard features, both connected and discontinuous reception, as well as “a number of unique techniques and capabilities.” As a matter of fact, the company has also stated that it will be reasonable to expect an all-day battery life, something which is comparable to today’s Gigabit LTE smartphones.

While the president of Qualcomm – Cristiano Amon was keen not to let slip of any more details than he had to, he did indeed note that Qualcomm was taking a system-level approach towards power-efficiency.

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The Qualcomm 5G PowerSave is in fact supported by all the smartphones that have the luxury of Snapdragon 855/X50 5G modem pairing, while it will also be available for supporting on devices which use the brand-new X55 5G modem. Qualcomm made a statement which also answered a question when the company stated that other manufacturers don’t actually have to jump thorough hoops in order to gain support for the functionality.

Cristiano Amon further glorified the prospect by stating that it won’t be unreasonable for the consumers to expect major efficiency improvements when there is a comparison made with the devices featuring 5G PowerSave and devices without the feature. He stated :

4G battery life on 5G phones?

If you have an opportunity to measure some of the launches that are going to happen without the capability and the launches with the capability, you’ll see deltas way north of 30 percent or more.”


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