During 6 months of this financial year imports of around million dollars were being carried out, PBS stated. In the initial 6 months of this current financial year 2016-17, within July to December, around 5% decrease on Telecom National Imports has been observed.

According to the statistics by the institute for Statistics Pakistan (PBS), during this period 660.116 million dollars imports were being carried out. While in the same period of past financial year the mass of the imports of the products was 694.497 million dollars, was recorded.

According to the report by PBS, in the last financial year from July to December 2015, National imports of mobile phones were 375.064 million dollars. While in the current financial year the imports lowered down to 329.234 million dollars.

Further, it has been observed that in comparison of first six months of past financial year with current financial year, a decrease of 12.22% has occurred, which concludes in 45.83 million dollar decrease.


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