The entrepreneurs must read these 5 books

5 must read books for entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurs must read these 5 books

If you are an entrepreneur then you must know the value of self-learning and self-grooming, because being an entrepreneur is a continuous learning process.

If you never run a business before, you need a constant entrepreneurial skillet to sharpen over time and the best thing to do is to learn from others experience but a better way to learn from others is to learn by reading books.

Today we have compiled for you a list of books to help you in your entrepreneurial journey. You may already know some of them or have heard their names but this time you really need to read them to get some really amazing knowledge about entrepreneurship.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad (by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter)

5 must read books for entrepreneurs

This is the book for starters. It puts the story in the picture of a young kid who has two dads, one rich and one poor .it narrates about how they both teach him to be successful but with very different approaches.

The book will teach you the fundamentals of how to set up your business, and how to improve your financial intellect and financial literacy to perk up your business. You can possibly finish it in one sitting as it’s around 200 pages long.

The $100 Startup (by Chris Guillebeau)

5 must read books for entrepreneurs

The best thing about this book is that it was written after conducting interviews with several startup founders. The writer Chris Guillebeau adds the feedback from startup founders and tells how he learned from them, the $100 Startup will help out you at every stage of your business from start to gearing up its operations, and till closing the deal. Because closing the deal is most important factor in a startup journey. As they say

“Cookies are for closers”

The Innovator’s Dilemma (by Clayton M. Christensen)

5 must read books for entrepreneurs

This book is considered amongst the most powerful and influential business books and talks about how running and successful companies can fail with the new entry of competitors in the market. Mark Cuban, a judge on the TV show Shark Tank, said that this book what assisted him “make sense of why things work and didn’t work in the technology industry.”

While talking about the importance of this book, Steve Bank, a former serial entrepreneur said, “Entrepreneurs should read these books as “how to books” to beat large companies in their own markets.”

The 4-Hour Workweek (by Timothy FerrissThis)

5 must read books for entrepreneurs

The 4-Hour Workweek points out an extremely vital tip “we become like the people who we spend more time with”. To be successful in professional and personal life, surround yourself with people who will impel you to challenge yourself and accomplish better things.

Furthermore, we see that entrepreneurs usually find it hard to stable their work and family life. So this book is an ideal guide on how to come out of your tedious and monotonous life and hit a balance.

The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need (by Andrew Tobias)

5 must read books for entrepreneurs

If you really want to manage your startup’s finances efficiently and yearn for a secure good investment, then let this book be an opening point for you. We all know that financial intelligence is really crucial for startup founders.

It’s a small read with 150 pages but it will teach you how to put your capital to good use no matter how much or how little you have of it.

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