So Five Pakistani Nationals who were stranded on a ship earlier, which was sailing over the Egyptian coast have been charged with involvement in drug smuggling, as reported by the Foreign Office on Wednesday. Moreover, the five Pakistanis in discussion were presented in an Egyptian court after they were stranded in a ship which was sailing over the coast of the Egyptian port of Safaga.

Moreover, it is still not quite clear whether the five Pakistani’s here committed something which is against the law and so as per the record of the Foreign Office, an officer from the Pakistani Mission in Cairo has been sent to assist to assist the five sailors during the court proceedings and we surely hope that our men were not part of an unlawful activity, as this would set a bad reputation for the people of Pakistan in a foreign country. Moreover according to a report,  the crew are charged with involvement in smuggling drugs which were found by authorities on the ship.

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The crew however has denied any involvement in the smuggling of drugs and have in turned gone against the acquisitions put on them. Furthermore, they say that they were only hired for the purpose of successfully transporting cargo via an agent of M/S Marseilli Shipping Lines established in Dubai and in turn had no idea that any such drugs were even in the shipment which does make sense, as cargo material is not checked by the sailors as their only job is to protect the said cargo and to successfully transport it from one place to another.

5 Pakistani Nationals have been left stranded in Egypt, after they were charged with drug trafficking

Moving on, the Pakistani Embassy established in Cairo is actively pursuing the case and have remained in touch with the local authorities in Pakistan and the five men in discussion, stated the Foreign Office. They will be looking to set the record clear and to in turn bring the culprits to justice be it the five sailors or be it a third party as for now we can only hope that this matter is resolved justly.


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