The technological industry is one of the very fast-rate changing industries in the world, which means that companies are working endlessly for creating new innovative Devices and their composite features. As of right now the theme is set for, phones having larger displays, better cameras and high-tech features, latest of which is the 3D facial recognition feature. Phones are not just for placing calls anymore the game has changed a lot since the first mobile phone was released. I mean if you would predict that phones would be able to carry out such tasks back in 2000, I would’ve said that you’re out of your freakin mind. So it got us thinking, that if phones were able to advance this much in just 2 decades, then what will these devices look like in the next 2 or 3 decades. Well here is what we think may or may not happen( as these are mere predictions.

Mind control may be possible

Well phones are getting faster with each release, but just imagine how fast a phone would be if it were mind controlled? Well for one thing you would no longer have to search for applications, you can perform any and every task in a heartbeat. We still think the possibility of that is way way down the road but who knows? Scientist’s have been reported to be making progress in that field. Moreover as we reported last year that Facebook’s Building 8 division is developing technology which will allow people to type with their minds and moreover the typing speed is targeted at 100 words per minute, which is five person faster then the average person typing of the phone. The prospect of that happening anytime soon though is still a crazy one but you never know, when you’re in such technologically diverse world.

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Over the air charging

Now lets just admit it, no matter how fast charging becomes or how large the battery storage is we can never be satisfied with the battery consumption of a phone. Even if you have a phone such as the Mate 20 your, looking at no more than 2 days of power consumption and usage. Things could be very different In the future though, Energous is reported to be developing technology which will be able to make charging over the air possible. Place your phone within three feet of the WattUp Mid Field transmitter as it will start charging the phone immeadietly.

Just imagine a future where you have such transmitters are a lot more powerful and reachable to the people. These transmitters can be placed in countries just like the cell-phone signal towers. Basically just imagine your phone being at 100 percent all of the time? That there is mobile phone heaven!

Stretchable phones!

The next big advance in technology seems to be flexible displays. Recently we got to look at the first foldable phone, the Royale FlexPal, and Huawei and Samsung are also in the development stages of the Infinity-O display which allows flexibility in a phone.Instead of unfolding a phone for more screen like with the FlexPai, you’d stretch it out to increase its size, sort of like a rubber band. All you’d have to do is pull the phone from two of its corners diagonally. This type of a design will hence allow you to increase the size of the device when watching videos or even movies or playing games on the device. Obviously there is a limit to how far you can stretch your phone but you get the idea.

Changing colors

Right now phones come in different color variants and choosing the best color for yourself can often be very hard. Some colors give a classic vibe while others give a more noticeable look but with the phones in the future, there may not be a need for one person to possess only one colored phone. Now just imagine a phone with a completely transparent back made from a glass-like material that can absorb light. The phone may come with one or more LED lights inside, the color can be changed in the settings of the phone. Any color can hence be applied on the entire back of the phone, sounds amazing right? Well it may just happen. With a few LED lights inside properly positioned, you could also create gradient colors, like what the Huawei P20 Pro has.

OLED and E-ink collaborated together

So the OLED displays are known to be great for watching videos or playing games but have been seen to be not that good when it comes to reading. Now E-ink displays like the ones coming in the Amazon Kindle is a much better option of e-readers . The reason being that your eyes do not get strained after reading continuously for hours. Giving such an effect on the OLED displays is impossible at the moment as they simply cannot match the technology that Amazon has put inside its Kindle. Oh and the E-ink Kindle is also known to consumer lower battery. Unfortunately the prospect of a possible collaboration between OLED and E-ink is far from being possible at the moment . There are phones available which feature both display technologies, but they do not combine them in to one. The YotaPhone 3 features an AMOLED display on the front and e-ink display on the back. So there are some examples but if this happens on a large scale then you have yourself a future change occuring!


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