Rs 50 coin has been approved for issuance by the Federal Cabinet of Pakistan

Well the Finance Ministry and its composite department are expected to give the green light for the issuance of the new Rs. 50 coin on the occasion of International Anti-Corruption Day. Among the 20 point agenda of the cabinet meeting held yesterday the issuance of the coin was discussed and was the 15th point on the list.

The Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan will furthermore chair the meeting which will in turn review the performance of the ministers and would further on also help to endorse the various decisions that the Economic Coordination Committee would take. The issue of giving Gilgit Baltistan the status of a constitutional province was also one of the key points of the discussion and during the discussion important agreements and appointments are also being expected but lets wait and see what is decided.

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Finally the 20 point agenda provided to the Prime Minister also mentioned the provision of gad to the various industries in Pakistan and the appointment of the Protector of emigrants on the Bureau of Emigration and the Overseas Employment was also discussed. So the cabinet is also expected to approve an agreement between the anti-narcotics forces of security in Pakistan and Canada and there is also a signing of MoU between the foreign offices of Pakistan and Zimbabwe yet to be signed and if all goes well all of the said conditions should provide some form of stability in Pakistan.

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