There has been quite a lot of hype of 5G launch since the start of 2019 and has been the prime topic of discussion for all tech forums and websites as everyone awaits the latest and fastest in connectivity. South Korea’s government had been the first to announce a concrete date for the introduction of 5G, but there has been a delay which has questioned if we are trying to rush ourselves into the 5G era?

The answer, right now, seems to be yes!

The Korean government announced that “We determined that it is much more desirable to wait until 5G smartphones’ quality will become secure” but this does not portray the whole picture. Possible reasons behind this delay seem to be obvious:

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  • Lack of 5G phones, with both Samsung and LG, tech giants of Korea, expected to release their respective flagships with 5G capability by April
  • Extremely costly data plans which would see the population to stick to adequately fast 4G speeds and very few would be willing to pay such huge amounts for even greater speeds. Currently, 5G seems to be a luxury that only major organisations would be able to afford not the common man.

This seems inevitable that as the world moves onto greater technological peaks, the prices of technology is increasing exponentially. Phones have already crossed the $1000 barrier and are now poised to go even further, luring people, of which, the majority have opted to dig deeper into their pockets for crazy expensive phones. With the introduction of 5G, these prices were expected to increase further and surely will. Consequently, more expensive phones carrying the 5G modems inside, using more expensive data plans would make technology all the more out of reach for the majority of the people.

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